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  • 10 vibes for Kars

    like locals

    See the Great Cathedral in the Ani Ruins, along with the Tigran Honents (Illustrated) Church, Abughamrents (Polatoğlu) Church, Saint Prkich Church, the Seljuk Caravan Palace, the Bakireler Monastery and Ebu'l Menuçehr – the first Turkish Mosque in Anatolia.

    In Sarıkamış, ski on the ‘crystal snow’, take a sled ride and go on a ski safari, accompanied by magnificent views. Visit the historical and natural beauties of Sarıkamış, as well as the Sarıkamış Martyrdom Monument.

    In winter, ride in a horse-drawn sleigh on frozen Lake Çıldır or catch yellow fish through a hole in the ice. Visit the Cheese Museum in Boğatepe village and sample delicious cheeses.

    Head to the Kars Museum and the Caucasian Front War History Museum, and see the rock paintings in Camuşlu village, the site of Lower Palaeolithic Period settlements, and Azat Village in Borluk Valley.

    In the centre of Kars, visit the Apostles Church, the Stone Bridge, the Ottoman period baths and Beylerbeyi Palace.

    Definitely see examples of Baltic Architecture in the Yusuf Paşa, Ortakapı and Cumhuriyet neighbourhoods in the Kars city centre.

    Sample goose cooked in a tandoor oven, along with noodle pilaf infused with goose fat, also cooked in a tandoor. Participate in a Nevruz celebration and Yeddi Levin and get your share of holiday goodies. 

    Watch two of the traditional plays of Kars, “Hoş Gelişler Ola Mustafa Kemal Paşa (Pleasant Arrivals, Mustafa Kemal Paşa)” and “Şeyh Şamil (Sheikh Shamil)”. Join in the enthusiasm of the local people, listen to Azeri folk music and observe the competition of Kars folk poets.  

    Before leaving Kars, shop for Kars Cheddar, Kars Honey and Kağızman Long Apples, all of which are geographically indicated products.