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    Kuyucuk Bird Sanctuary

    Lake Kuyucuk, one of the natural values of Kars, welcomes visitors from around the world to view its 207 bird species.

    The Kuyucuk Bird Sanctuary (Kuyucuk Kuş Cenneti) was announced as Türkiye's 13th Ramsar Site (Wetland of International Importance) in 2009, named the “Kuyucuk Wildlife Development Course”.

    Lake Çıldır

    Lake Çıldır (Çıldır Gölü) is the second largest lake in eastern Anatolia and one of the most important freshwater lakes in Türkiye. In summers, there are boat tours; in winter, the lake ices over, offering activities such as walking, sledding, and watching local people ice-fishing for mirrored carp.

    Lake Aygır

    Lake Aygır (Aygır Gölü) is a large freshwater lake 13 km from Kars. The origin of its name, Aygır (Stallion), is unknown. Local legends claim that the sounds of horses neighing emanate from the lake from time to time.